Leadership Leander Program Building Community Leaders

Developing Community Leaders

The Leadership Leander program cultivates qualified, passionate leaders to solve problems and develop our community, connect with other professionals, and strengthen skills required for a lifelong leadership career.

Leadership Leander is a nine-month education and development series packed with the very best course curriculum. The series features the best local and outside leaders/speakers, and the best eyewitness, hands-on tours and field trips of community facilities, services and venues. The basis of the series is observation and interactive participation on a once a month basis, with limited homework and with a minimum of interim assignments.

The series is structured so that the participants of Leadership Leander can access information and learn to be better leaders in a format that encourages lifelong business relationships.

We need:

  • Leaders who are knowledgeable about economic trends, local needs and resources, and alternative development strategies.
  • Leaders who can translate this knowledge into new strategies to stimulate the economy.
  • Leaders who can mobilize people and resources to improve the community’s future.
  • Leaders who can assist their communities in discovering a vision of their future.

Benefits to the individual:

  • Leadership skills
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Group experiences
  • New friendships
  • Local networking
  • Community awareness

Benefits to the employer:

  • A well-trained employee with leadership skills
  • Motivated employee with confidence
  • Employee aware of state and local facilities and resources

Benefits to the community:

  • New emerging leaders
  • Leaders with tools to take leadership positions in business
  • New leaders who volunteer and serve in the community


Leadership Leander is held on the third Tuesday of each month from February through September. Each class also volunteers at the Old Town Street Festival, this year on June 3, and participates in a class nonprofit project. A Welcome Happy Hour will be held in January and graduation is held in October at the Leander Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony & Gala. Your fee includes all classes, meals, and a ticket to the gala.

Application requirements include:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Live or work in the Leander area for at least one year prior to application.
  • Not a candidate for public office at time of application.

For information, contact the chamber office at (512) 259-1907 or [email protected].




If you are interested in the 2024 Leadership Leander Program, please complete the application below.

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