Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program consists of two groups: our Community Ambassador Committee and the Membership Ambassador Committee. The role of the Ambassador is to promote the Chamber and ensure our members stay connected. Ambassadors serve as a liaison for the Chamber in facilitating events and assisting members.

  • Make member courtesy calls and visits
  • Attend Monthly Membership Lunch & Learns, where they serve as greeters, pass out new membership plaques, and assist with the event to make it run smoothly
  • Attend After-Hours networking events, and often encourage members to host these events to promote business
  • Attend monthly ambassador lunch to discuss upcoming community opportunities

Jen Pizer, Community Ambassador Chair

I have been a community ambassador for 4 years. I love the community outreach opportunity that comes with being an ambassador. I also believe that getting to know the face and heart behind each business grows from local networking.

Laura Balla

Laura is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Cedar Park Regional Medical Center. Laura cares deeply about her community and shows her unwavering support for local businesses. From being part of our Out of the Blue program to attending Ribbon Cuttings she always brings positivity wherever she goes.

Kathryn Pantalion-Parker

Kathryn Pantalion-Parker

As a Fashion Consultant with Cabi, Home Generator consultant with Generator Supercenter and City Council member, relationships and community are tremendously important. I think that’s what I have enjoyed most over my 10 plus years as a Chamber member and Ambassador.

Karen Januski

I am a Sales Executive for Facilities Resource and although I have only worked in Leander for about 3 months, I have fallen in love with the people and the community. One of my favorite things to do is attend ribbon cuttings because it is such a happy and exciting time for people, and I love to see the show of community support! I think Leander is such a great example of a community that is growing bigger but maintaining its small-town roots and values. I am really happy to be here!

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Greg Rollo

Greg has served as a Community Ambassador since 2014! Greg’s tireless volunteer efforts have been instrumental in making our events a success. From committees to board service to welcoming new businesses in the community, Greg has shown outstanding dedication to the Chamber and its success.

Marcia Back

Reflecting on transitioning growth and community outreach fills Marcia with immense pride. Her business assists in challenging financial situations and helps people sell their homes, guiding them with care. She is talkative, dynamic, and giving, embracing new experiences. Beyond work, She adores ocean cruises and life’s adventures!

Lori Van Roo

I am Lori Van Roo, Executive Assistant for Honda Leander. I have been a community ambassador for one year. I love being an ambassador because I enjoy connecting with other businesses and organizations in the community. I love being able to help businesses here in Leander grow, while keeping the small town charm.

Michial Meyer

A retired LISD music teacher and board member of the Williamson County Retired Teacher Association, Michial contributes to the community as a Band of the Hills member. This wind ensemble offers free performances, and Michial, passionate about advocacy, volunteers at chamber events, festivals, and connects with local businesses.

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Larry Ross

Larry has been a member of the Leander Chamber for eight years, serving as an ambassador for the last year. His deep appreciation for the community and active engagement with local businesses reflect his dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the business community.

Anne Moser

Anne is a true community enthusiast who thrives on connecting with people. Renowned for her reliability, honesty, and dependability, she embodies trustworthiness. In her leisure time, Anne delights in live music, sporting events, and staying active through exercise.

Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero, an ad sales professional for Community Impact in Leander and Liberty Hill, is a proud ambassador for the Leander Chamber of Commerce. A Liberty Hill native and mother of twin boys, Melissa uses her local expertise to help businesses grow through tailored advertising solutions. As a Chamber ambassador, she welcomes new businesses at ribbon cuttings and supports their growth with her deep community connections and marketing acumen. Melissa’s dedication to fostering a thriving local economy makes her an invaluable asset to both the Chamber and the community.

Douglas Mitchell

Meet Doug Mitchell, a remarkable ambassador who has been supporting our community for an incredible 11 years. Doug’s dedication to the chamber is truly commendable. He actively helps with our festivals, ensuring that our sound tech and bands have everything they need to succeed.

Doug is also passionate about making connections with businesses in Leander and plays a crucial role in helping our members learn about the valuable resources the chamber offers to support their growth.

Alan Alanis

Alan Alanis, serving as an ambassador from Frost Bank, is committed to helping businesses thrive through the cultivation of long-lasting and trusting client relationships. With a mission centered on supporting the growth and success of local businesses, Alan brings a deep sense of dedication and integrity to his role. His expertise in fostering strong, reliable connections with clients is a testament to his professional ethos. As an ambassador, Alan’s focus on building trust and ensuring the prosperity of businesses makes him a valued representative for the chamber.

Sandra Bartlett

Sandra Bartlett, a dedicated and enthusiastic ambassador from Sunflower Bank, is passionate about forging connections and building relationships within the community. With a love for meeting new people, Sandra thrives on the vibrant energy of Leander and is deeply invested in the city’s growth and development. Her commitment to the local community is evident in her active participation in various events and initiatives, always eager to highlight and support all that Leander has to offer. As an ambassador, Sandra embodies the values of Sunflower Bank, bringing warmth, dedication, and a community-focused spirit to her role.

Membership Ambassador Program

As part of the Ambassador Program

  • once per month to make surprise “Out of the Blue” visits to our members
  •  Assist with community and Chamber events

2023-2024 Membership Ambassadors

Brian Cisna, Membership Ambassador Chair

Brian has been a mortgage lender for almost 25 years. His wife Cyndi spends her time baking treats for clients and friends. Together, we love supporting local businesses and love Leander. Learning her history and exploring all of the gems, known and hidden! One fun fact about us is that we watch the Hallmark channel regularly and enjoy it!

Dee Thomas

I’m Dee Thomas with Keller Williams Realty.  I’ve recently started being an Ambassador for the Leander Chamber of Commerce. My passion is connecting with people in the community.  Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you soon!

Nathaniel Funk

I am Nate, I have been an ambassador for 1 year, and I love being an ambassador because it is a fantastic way to support a great community!

Kim Oliver

As a member since 2019 and a key part of our Out of the Blue program, Kim represents LUK Branding, where they’re more than a promotional products company—they’re partners in boosting your brand. With a customer-centric approach, they ensure your branded items are loved, used, and kept. 

Barbara Schaffer

Barbara is the Vice President/Business Development Officer at R Bank. She has consistently focused on aiding individuals, families, and businesses. Barbara’s commitment extends beyond her professional life; she actively serves on the boards of the City of Cedar Park Community Development Corporation (4B), Twin Lakes YMCA (as Chairman), and Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center. 

Wallace Headshot

Rosemary Wallace

Rosemary is a native Texan and Austinite. She embarked on a new adventure in 2020 when she joined Lone Star Local as an Area Partner for Williamson County. Quickly promoted to Director of Community Relations, where working with local business owners is her passion. She has a stellar reputation within the industry for building relationships and delivering excellent customer service.  

Angie Diaz

Angie Diaz, serving as an ambassador from Angela Ronzoni’s Pizzeria, is passionate about community involvement and networking. With a desire to connect with more people and contribute to the local community, Angie brings her warm, engaging personality to her ambassador role. She enjoys building relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents and businesses alike. Angie’s dedication to community engagement and her love for bringing people together make her an invaluable contributor to Leander.

Jason Dishongh

Jason Dishongh, a proud native Texan and owner for Whiskey Oak Realty Group, is deeply passionate about sharing his love for the Lone Star State. With over 30 years in the Hill Country, Jason’s dedication to his community is evident through his volunteer work, coaching, and previous service on the Leander City Council. His devotion to the spirit of community in Leander gives him a pivotal place as a member of the chamber.

Katie Hanner

Katie Hanner, from Thrive Realty, brings a rich background in social services and advocacy to her ambassadorship. Katie is dedicated to providing leadership and guidance to the community, leveraging her unique experience to support and empower those she serves. Her commitment to advocacy and community involvement is reflected in her approach to real estate, making her a trusted and influential ambassador for the community.

Tammy Morrow

Tammy Morrow, from Frontier Title, is driven by a passion for meeting the needs of others through service leadership. With a diverse background spanning health and wellness, the restaurant industry, education, retail, and services, Tammy brings a multifaceted perspective to her role. Her commitment to service and her extensive experience across various industries make her a versatile and dedicated ambassador, always ready to support and uplift the community.

Becky Steinbrecher

Becky Steinbrecher, from Frontier Title, stands out for her dedication to making life easier for others. Known for her honesty, hard work, and loyalty, Becky takes pride in seeing the smiles of others. To her, success means living life to the fullest. Her personal philosophy is to do what she can to help others, which aligns perfectly with the chamber’s goals and makes her a great ambassador.

Melissa Walsh

Melissa Walsh, owner of Friday’s Girl, has built her business on the strength of lasting relationships and word-of-mouth referrals. She believes in the importance of trust, communication, and collaboration in client relationships. Melissa truly cares about her clients’ businesses and is dedicated to helping them succeed. Her commitment to fostering genuine connections and her proactive approach to supporting others define her role as an ambassador, making her an invaluable member.

Maria Gorman

Meet Maria. As an ambassador for the Leander Chamber of Commerce, Maria brings a unique blend of passion and expertise to the community. A dedicated Wine Consultant with WineShop at Home, Maria offers personalized wine experiences, from in-home tastings to exclusive wine club memberships. Her commitment to promoting local businesses and fostering community connections enhances Leander’s vibrant spirit. With a love for the magic of Napa Valley wines and a dedication to supporting local growth, Maria is a valued asset to the Chamber and a cherished resource for residents. Cheers to community and exceptional wine!

Esmeralda Gonzales

Esmeralda Gonzales, who is a seasoned photographer with over two decades of expertise, blends technical prowess and artistic flair to immortalize cherished moments. Proudly rooted in Leander, her vibrant community fuels her inspiration. Beyond the lens, she cherishes family and actively engages with local businesses, embodying the essence of community spirit.

Jim Mayo

Jim Mayo, an ambassador for Coldwell Banker, is dedicated to supporting and promoting the business community in Leander. With a keen interest in learning more about the local business landscape, Jim is passionate about advocating for small businesses and helping them thrive. His commitment to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the area drives his active involvement in community initiatives. As an ambassador, Jim brings a strategic and supportive approach, aiming to foster growth and collaboration among Leander’s diverse business community.

Want to get involved in the Chamber Ambassador program?

Email Shannon Johnson-Quaife if you’re interested in participating in our Ambassador program.

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