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About the Foundation

The Leander Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the Leander Chamber Foundation! The mission of the Leander Chamber Foundation (LCF) is to be a proactive advocate and resource for the Leander region. It is committed to advancing our region’s economic vitality and quality of life through the provision of strong leadership and through the formation of dynamic organizational and community partnerships.

Inaugural Projects: Art in Leander

In accordance with our mission, an enduring goal of the LCF will be to partner with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to raise money for the creation and maintenance of art installations around the city. The Foundation has recognized plans to install murals in several locations for future projects, and we're currently accepting donations to support our inaugural projects: the Cheers Leander mural and the Library Mural, both designed by artist Libby Bratt.

Cheers Leander Mural

Planned for an outside wall at 5th Element Brewing, the Cheers Leander mural will bring a smile to residents and visitors alike. This mural will be created with exterior acrylic high-pigment paints to help keep the colors bright for many years to come. Installation cost and ongoing upkeep and maintenance is estimated to be $4000.

Artist Libby Bratt said about her design:

The inspiration for the Cheers Leander mural concept came from my joy of living in Leander coupled with the beauty of the local flora. A wonderful life is full of color and fun—that’s the kind of life I lead in Leander and wanted this piece to exemplify it! I hope that its bright and bold colors will draw a lot of pleasant attention as well as photo-loving residents (and non-residents!) who want to come out and get a picture in front of it.

5th element cheeres mock up

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Leander Library Mural

Book lovers will enjoy this planned mural designed for the Leander Library. This gorgeous design brings nature and vibrant color inside through the use of pigmented acrylic paint. Installation cost and ongoing upkeep and maintenance is estimated to be $7000.

Artist Libby Bratt said about her design:

The inspiration for the Explore design for the Leander Public Library came from my own passion for the library. I see the library as a place of discovery, enrichment, engagement and fun. As a child and as an adult, my heart and mind have found solace in libraries, even as I have travelled to different areas of the world. On the left side of the library design, we find a bird book opened to a page about painted buntings. But, if we look closely, we see that the bird is missing from the picture--in fact, you can see the page underneath where the bird has been.... Just as books take our imaginations from reality into another realm altogether, so, too, the bird has flown off the page and into being. The bird represents the huge freedom we have to explore our world through the use of the library's books and programs. The flowers in the image represent not only area flora but also a nod to the "seed" program that the library has. I've included a monarch on the antelope horn because our monarchs are dependent on the milkweed, something that is becoming less and less prevalent in this area because of development. The placement of this particular plant and insect is a reminder to be good stewards as we explore, to take care of the amazing things that we find.

library_concept 2024_page update

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Support Art in Leander

Help the Leander Foundation bring art installations to our community with your tax-deductable donation. Choose a donor level and complete our interest form.

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$ 500+
  • Name displayed on mural installation
  • Recognition at mural ribbon cutting
  • One Custom-designed "Support Art in Leander" T-shirt


$ 100
  • Recognition at mural ribbon cutting
  • One Custom-designed "Support Art in Leander" T-shirt


$ 50
  • One Custom-designed "Support Art in Leander" T-shirt


$ 1+
  • All donors receive social media recognition for their support

About the Artist

Libby Bratt moved to Leander 6 years ago and has been enjoying being close to the city of Austin but not living in it. She enjoys hiking with her kids, playing with them at the nearby parks, and has loved using the kayak rental at Lakewood park! Libby has a passion for bright colors and bringing people together through art. You’ll often find her working with repeating patterns coupled with a central theme—mixing geometry, text and life-like images to create a unique style. 


Interested in being an artist for our projects?

We’re looking for artists for future mural and public art projects and we’d love to her from you. Send us a message!

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