Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce
P. O. Box 556, Leander, Texas 78646
100 North Brushy, Leander, Texas 78641
Phone: (512)259-1907 | Fax: (512)259-9114
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Welcome to the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce!  Enjoy discovering our community and the wonderful things it has to offer.

The mission of the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce is to promote member businesses, encourage responsible economic development and develop leadership in our community.


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Latest News

Leander is Hopeful for New ACC Campus

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Networking is not a chamber by-product. It is the product.

Networking is not a chamber by-product. It is the product.

By Mick Fleming 

Spring 2014 Read more

Tips for Yelp Success

Behold: The Power of the Perfect Public Comment

By claiming your business page on Yelp, you will unlock free tools to connect with customers, and a well-crafted public comment is the ultimate game changer. What makes a public comment so powerful? Two things: it demonstrates to any potential customer viewing your Yelp listing that you care about your customer’s feedback, and it also gives you a platform to share your side of the story. Check out our top three tips for posting a perfect public comment: Read more

State of the Region

When is ACC going to build in Leander? Read more

Why Your Website is SOOO Important

Last week we launched a new website for the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce.  It has been a journey and each day I am finding something that we have broken that needs correction.  I imagine that is how it is for most business owners, and even more likely the reason owners dread creating a new site.  Someone asked why we did this; because, "the old site was just fine."  Well, it was "fine" but in today's age of online, "fine" is not really "fine."   Read more

  • Member Testimonials

    Thank you for all of the energy and drive you have brought to the chamber.


    Steve Reilly,
    ReillyCo Advertising Solutions

  • Member Testimonials

    In praise of the Leander Chamber of Commerce, I had to write this letter to share my deep gratitude.


    Lauren Leigh,
    LaLa’s Lunchbox