Chamber Micro Groups

Using all of what the Chamber does well in large groups, to cultivate and inspire small “Micro Group” opportunities to learn and make meaningful connections for all of our members.


Micro Groups are born from the desire of Chamber members to have small group opportunities to connect, share, and learn in an open environment with fellow members and guests.  Anyone with this shared desire and a group idea can start and be a point person of a group.  Others can join and participate.  When you come, be prepared to share and learn in a conversational environment. When you leave a group, be prepared to share it with others.


As a point person, you get to establish a topic based on the interest in your group. Responsibilities beyond that are to pick a time for your group to meet and communicate that to your group. You’ll serve as the moderator at your Micro Group gatherings, but not be required to present or lead beyond that. On occasion the Chamber will ask you to report on your groups participation. That is all.


Group attendees should come with a spirit of sharing relevant knowledge, information and news pertinent to your group’s topic. Individual group members should always be looking to contribute in some way to support the gathering. Presentations by group members are rare, and as such not be required – if a presentation is done by anyone it is in the spirit of sharing and learning, NOT SELLING!

Groups should be between 5 to 10 members in size. These are Micro Groups after all!


  1. Maintain a spirit of learning and sharing at all times.
  2. Talk and share about what you do professionally, but do not sell.
  3. Allow presentations if your group chooses, though do not require.  Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are not allowed. Share knowledge!
  4. No tourists, everyone joins in conversations. Ask questions and be an interactive participant.
  5. Groups begin in Feb. and end in Sept.
  6. All group members must be members in good standing to participate.
  7. Any member that misses more than 2 sessions will be removed from the group.
  8. Only 1 member per company will be allowed per group.  Participating in multiple groups is allowed based on your membership level.


Small Business    FORMING NOW!
Small business people who use each other as sounding boards & sources of ideas and inspiration about issues that are most pressing.
Entrepreneur   FORMING NOW!
Leander group that discusses becoming an entrepreneur including economic, environmental, social and financial considerations.
Real Estate-Residential         FORMING NOW!
A group for anyone who is a realtor or has an  interest in the residential real estate realm.
Women in Business
Discussing and supporting women in leadership roles; discussions may focus on training, staff, business growth, succession, etc.
Nonprofit Professionals FORMING NOW!
To help nonprofit professionals with marketing, problem solving, strategy and referrals.
Large Business FORMING NOW!
Large business (25+ employees) professionals who use each other as sounding boards & sources of ideas and inspiration about issues that are most pressing.  
Real Estate-Investment FORMING NOW!
A group for anyone who is a realtor or has an interest in the investment real estate realm.
Social Media FORMING NOW!
A group for anyone looking to expand their reach on various platforms.


Email to start a group or join a group.