October 18, 2022

5 Pros and Cons of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce are a key component in most small business' marketing plan. Members receive numerous promotional perks, exclusive advertising and networking options, and additional exposure for their companies or organizations. In fact, if a consumer knows a business if part of its local chamber they are 63% more likely to shop with them. Let's dive deeper and see what they say are 5 pros and 5 cons of joining a local chamber of commerce.

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September 12, 2022

City of Leander Seeks Residents’ Help During Mandatory Outdoor Watering Ban


Until further notice, all outdoor watering is prohibited beginning immediately for City of Leander residents and water customers during repairs to a section of the BCRUA pipeline. This ban includes handheld watering in addition to all irrigation systems.

How can Leander residents help?

  • Delay installation of new landscaping until the completion of repairs
  • Turn off all irrigation systems
  • Help spread awareness of the outdoor watering ban

Read this Press Release from the City of Leander for more information:

Read the press release from the City of Leander on their website using this link or you can find the press release copied below:

City of Leander Seeks Residents’ Help During Mandatory Outdoor Watering Ban2022-09-12T13:34:06-05:00

August 4, 2022

Central Texans Turn To Local Pawn Shops For Help During Record Inflation


Andrea Farr, owner of Texas Pawn and Jewelry in Leander, has seen a 30% increase in small loans as inflation hits a record high in the U.S, as reported on KVUE this week.

This marked increase started about six months ago. Andrea notes that people mention the increasing cost of gas, food and rent. As Americans are having to choose between keeping items or paying bills, they are selling personal things to make ends meet.

Currently, Andrea, a member of the Leander Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, […]

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January 31, 2022

Leander Ranks Second in the Nation


Leander is ranked second in the nation and first in Texas for hottest neighborhoods, according to a study by Opendoor.

Chris Westrom, Opendoor’s senior general manager in Austin, says that Leander offers the charms of a small town while still being close to the amenities of Austin.

Leander Accolades:

Leander is no stranger to topping charts nationally and locally, having recently been ranked as the best Austin suburb by Million Acres and making Go.Verizon.com’s list for top small cities to start a business.

According to KVUE, real estate experts predict that a surge of new shopping and dining locations will be joining Leander’s already hot shopping and dining scene due to the continued residential growth. With so […]

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$500 “No Essay” Leander Scholarship


$500 “No Essay” Leander Scholarship Sponsored by Lace & Grace Bridal Boutique

Summary of Key Rules

●  Open to all high school, college, and graduate students and those planning to enroll within 12 months.

●  You must be either: (1) at least eighteen (18) years of age or older (except in the case of legal residents of certain states or commonwealths where the legal age of majority is greater than eighteen (18) years of age, then such legal age of majority) at the time of entry; or (2) at least thirteen (13) years of age at the time of entry and have a parent’s or legal guardian’s consent and supervision to participate and enter […]

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Leadership Leander Program Accepting Applications for 2022


The Leadership Leander Program has begun accepting applications the 2022 class. Many business and thought leaders in the Leander community have been through this esteemed program, and because of their valuable experience, they continue to send their leaders through.

Gary Anderson, general manager of the H-E-B Plus! in Leander, said,

“Leadership Leander has allowed our leaders at the Leander H-E-B Plus! (@183/Hero Way) to learn more about Leander, network with other businesses, and support growth here, all while giving back to the community! Each year has been very worthwhile.”

Becki Ross, Leander City Council, Place 6, who graduated from the Leadership Leander Program in 2017, had this to say about her experience,

I can attribute so many things to Leadership Leander. Leadership Leander is where I […]

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November 2, 2021

Rising Star of Leander Awards


The Leander Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce our 2021 Rising Star of Leander Awards.

Large Business of the Year

The Leander Chamber of Commerce is proud to award Leander Independent School District the Large Business of the Year Award for their support of our families and teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Small Business of the Year

The Leander Chamber of Commerce is proud to award Sharks Burger the Small Business of the Year Award for always donating to and supporting the Leander community.  Dino, the founder and owner of Sharks Burger, is an active ambassador for the Chamber and an incredible advocate for business in Leander.


Nonprofit of the […]

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June 29, 2021

Likes May Not be the Best Gauge on Digital Marketing Engagement


It was long thought that the best judge of how well your company or organization is reaching its targeted audience on social media is the number of likes you receive on your business page, so marketing reach was viewed in terms of impressions.

Impressions are the number of times your post/ad/page was viewed. In the print age it was
circulation. Magazines and newspapers would sell ads based on their circulation, which, in simplified terms, is how many were distributed. The greater the reach, the higher the number of people had the chance to see your ad. Let’s say you had a cycling shop. If you found a general magazine that reached 100,000 people, that […]

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City of Leander Liberty Fest at Lakewood Park


Who else is ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with a huge outdoor festival? We know we are! The City of Leander is celebrating this year with their annual Liberty Fest, this year at Lakewood Park! The event is free, but you must have tickets which can be purchased here!

Public parking will be available by reservation only at Rouse High School, Wiley Middle School, Akin Elementary, and Stiles Middle School for designated ticket holders. Shuttles will be available to transport you to the festival!

More information and event details are available on the City of Leander’s website here. We’ll see you there!

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Leander Tops Another “Best Of” List


Leander ranks number one in a best of the best of Austin suburbs article written by Million Acres and posted to MSN news. This latest feature is no surprise to locals who have been watching Leander expand for quite some time.

“Leander, situated just north of the city, is one of the hottest suburbs in the region. It has a great school district, relatively new housing stock, and many amenities — including a historic district, a community college, tons of local parks and playgrounds, and a commuter train that runs from Leander straight into downtown Austin,” said Aly Yales, writer for Million Acres.

Leander Independent School District has long ranked as one of the top school districts in Texas and has been […]

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