At the March 16 Sign Ordinance Workshop held by the City of Leander, Robin M. Griffin, Executive Director of Development Services, shared a preview of the changes to the sign ordinance for the City of Leander. 

The recommended changes include allowing larger signs, swooper signs and backlit signs, the opportunity for unique materials, along with numerous other improvements.  All of these items have long been requested by the business community.  We could not be more excited to share that these requests have been heard and it looks like the city council is going to deliver.

We would like to recognize all of the business owners that have taken time to share their needs and recommended improvements, Mrs. Griffin for hearing our requests and working to get them implemented, and to the City Council for seeing the need and implementing a solution for more business-friendly sign regulations.

We are thrilled to see the beginnings of improvements to regulations that will allow businesses the opportunity to create greater awareness and clear marketing in Leander.