What Is the Gala and Why Should You Attend?

Before I worked at the Leander Chamber, I would have never gone to a Chamber Gala.  Frankly, the idea of attending something like that seemed old and boring to me. Obviously, I no longer feel this way because now I know it is anything but old and boring. I want to share why attending is fun, valuable, and important for the community.

1. It’s an extremely well-planned party where all you need to do is show up and enjoy yourself! 

While I don’t know what the philosophy was behind the Gala 90 years ago, I can tell you that the Gala Committee works hard to make each year’s Gala the best party ever.  We spend hours deliberating the theme and ideas that will be fun and encourage networking. We brainstorm new and interesting ideas for the cocktail hour (our signature Chamber drink, for example), the silent auction (trips, jewelry, and unique items we know the community will love), our raffles, and the games we will play each year.  We make sure the food will appeal to everyone, that the DJ/Band is going to play music everyone can dance to, and that the venue will create a memorable experience.  

2. Your donations and attendance help chambers keep the cost of membership dues and educational events down.

By attending the gala, our largest fundraiser of the year, you are helping ensure that the Leander Chamber is able to provide strong quality programming for the entire year. This is due in large part to the gala and the people that attend and support it.  So rather than having higher dues and program costs, join us at the gala.

3. We get the chance to recognize Leander’s Best and Brightest.

We do have an awards ceremony, but the awards are a total surprise for the guest and they are very short, so it is actually really fun to see who is going to win.  It is very Oscar-like, and yes, we do cut them off if the speech is too long…after all, we have a party to get to. But this opportunity to support local businesses and help celebrate their successes is what makes Leander the amazing community it is!

4. You can get some great stuff at the auctions and raffles.

Our committee and board work very hard to bring you great auction items.  In fact, you can preview the items we have already collected for this year’s event here.

5. You will get the chance to spend quality time with people in a social setting.

The gala is a great event to create or strengthen friendships that go beyond the normal business networking conversation.  It is also a great opportunity for your spouse or significant other to be able to see exactly why this chamber is so important to what you do. It is also fun to have the opportunity for the people in our business world to meet those in our personal world.

6. You can enjoy the gala with a date or by going stag!

Sure, you can bring a date if you want, but we make sure that solo guests have as much fun as those in pairs. You will never have the awkward moment of ‘Where do I sit??’ The entire gala is highly social and welcoming.  Dinner seating is carefully arranged so that people coming by themselves are placed with other singles or people who are highly compatible.  Dancing is a group activity to which all are invited.  Many people do come to our gala solo.

7. Your presence is important to the Chamber.

We like you. We really do. We want you to get everything you can out of your membership and the gala is a big part of that.  It will help you establish a deeper connection with the people you see at the lunches and network meetings.

Hopefully, you can’t wait to attend now.  Call us to reserve your ticket, but don’t wait too long because it sells out yearly.  And, if you’re already coming, YAY!  See you soon.

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