Membership at your local Chamber of Commerce is usually filled with many benefits that are frequently underutilized. Most chambers offer opportunities to network, learn business tactics, and inexpensive marketing opportunities, and your Leander Chamber of Commerce is no different! The Leander Chamber of Commerce is filled with one-time and recurring meeting and classes that will inform and equip you for your growing business and over the next few weeks we will dive into some! This week we will look at learning opportunities.

You may want to start with Part One in this series, Networking.

Part Two: Learn and Grow

Whether you are starting your fifth successful business or just opened, there is always something new you will encounter and need to learn about. One of the best things about joining your local chamber of commerce is that you will be connected with others who are in the same place you are. From navigating city ordinances to learning how to market and reach your audience, whatever issue you are facing, someone around you has faced it too, and if you are a member of the chamber you are offered unique opportunities to learn from your peers and experts in the field. Read on to learn about some of the ways you can plug in and learn at your Leander Chamber of Commerce.

Monthly Lunch and Learns

This one was mentioned in the Networking blog, and it will show up again in the Marketing post, because it is a great opportunity! At every lunch there is a presentation from an expert speaker during lunch. Be sure to stick around after to meet new people and connect with others in the business community.

The July Lunch and Learn will be held on Tuesday, July 27, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Hill Country Bible Church Leander. More information and registration can be found here.

Chamber Micro Groups

Chamber Micro Groups are small groups that are geared to foster connection and learning in an environment that allows for open brainstorming and problem solving as well as expert presentations from leaders in their field. These groups are tailored to the needs of the group members and the challenges they are facing!

Micro Groups start forming in the fall and run from January through August. For more information email Micro Groups are FREE join, but you must be a member!

Current Micro Groups are:

  1. Small Business
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Real Estate
  4. Women in Business
  5. Nonprofit Professionals
  6. Large Business (25+ Employees)

Every season Micro Groups are formed based on the needs of the group. Be sure to check in to see which group would be the best fit for you.

Leadership Leander Program

The Leadership Leander Program is a series of seminars, field trips, hands-on tours, and curriculum designed to connect you, equip you, and acquaint you with Leander and Leadership.

The Leadership Leander program cultivates qualified, passionate leaders to solve problems and develop our community, connect with other professionals, and strengthen skills required for a lifelong leadership career.

This course runs from February to September and price for this course is based on your membership. Email for more information. Visit the Leander Chamber of Commerce website here for more information.

Seminars and Classes From Other Members

One of the hidden treasures of membership in your local chamber is the opportunity to learn about classes and seminars that other members are offering, frequently at a discount. In the past we have had members teaching everything from adult art classes to a student financial course. Getting plugged into your Chamber means that you learn about the community and its offerings that you might have missed otherwise.

We will continue this series with marketing opportunities next week so be sure to check back! What have you needed help with as a business owner? Let us know in the comments!