Creating a routine can be a challenge, but the benefits of routines have been studied many times, and most point to routines creating greater efficiency in all aspects of life, and that includes business-related matters. 

So, how do you create a routine and stick with it? Here are some Life Hacks we hope will help you!

Utilize Available Technology

I know technology is a double-edged sword. The more you rely on it, the less you can do when it fails. However, it is clear that we are only going to dive deeper into the tech era more, so why not embrace it, struggles and all? Here are two ways to use everyday tech to your advantage!

1. Put that smartphone to work for you!

Chances are you already have a smartphone that you keep with you at all times. Use the alarms, to-do apps, and calendars to automate the parts of your life that you don’t want to have to remember. These tasks can be anything from when to take your vitamins to how often you need to perform maintenance on your office building. The possibilities are pretty endless when you start to look at all the apps available to help.  

2. Use A.I. devices, like Alexa, to create routines 

Personal A.I. devices are becoming more common and for good reason. While skeptics are concerned about privacy, it is still worth mentioning the benefits. You can automate many features of your life and business with ease using these devices. 

  • You can create a morning wake-up routine that turns on a lamp, starts your coffee and gives you the latest news, all pre-set at a specific time to make waking up easier. 
  • You can create inventory lists that you can update verbally with simple commands, like “Alexa, add paper towels to the office shopping list.” 
  • A.I. Devices are made for reminders. Whether you need to inventory the storage closet or set a meeting with a new client, use the tools that are just a voice-command away.

These features, and others like it, are available on the major A.I. devices and might be just the thing you need to create your routine. 

Create Natural Tie-Ins

If you have something you need to do at the same time every day, see if there is a natural tie-in that you can create. If you need to do something every morning and evening, like a pill, put that pill bottle right in your toothbrush holder. Something as small as keeping a cup and pill bottle with your toothbrush can be the trigger you need to create that healthy habit. 

There are lots of these little natural tie-ins that you can make. Need to post on social media every day at 3:00 pm? Give your pet a treat every day at that time. If you forget, you can be sure they won’t! Need to check your website every morning? Put your Bluetooth mouse in your mug by the coffee maker. Whatever recurrent task you are struggling to accomplish, look for another thing you do at the same time, and then do that task as soon as you see your reminder. Don’t wait!

“If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it now, it’s not worth the mental energy to put it off and have to remember it later.”

Think Creatively and Write It Down

It has been said that the biggest lie we tell ourselves is –

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”

You have enough on your plate, save yourself the stress of storing everything mentally. But what works for one person may not work for you! Here are some of the creative ways of getting your thoughts and plans written down!

Creating notes and writing things down in a planner sounds great- until it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Digital or physical notebooks and planners are great for keeping detailed notes and plans, it can also be helpful to keep reminders visible. This can look different for every person, so keep trying new things until you find your best fit. 


I like to use dry erase markers to leave myself notes on my bathroom mirror for anything I need to do first thing in the morning.

You may prefer to create a visible command center in your kitchen or living room. Perhaps you work best with a printed list on your keyboard. Each job, person or role will require a different solution, so keep looking until you find the right solution for each task.

You may need a command center by your desk at work, and to use an empty picture frame as a dry erase board at home. If you tried one thing and it didn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean the next thing you try won’t work! Keep trying new systems until you find your perfect fit. 


When you are running a business, your business becomes a part of your life, so in the same way, your life becomes a part of your business. Helping to keep both of them running smoothly means they will work together. Routines free up brain space for you to handle the things in your business that can’t be scheduled, whether that’s marketing campaigns or creating great customer experiences. Whatever you may need to focus on, give yourself the mental bandwidth to handle it by making routines for the recurrent tasks in your life. 


Remember, it takes about 21 days to create a habit and habits become routines, and routines become efficient systems!  In three weeks, you’ll wish you started three weeks ago!