“I wish I had joined the Leander Chamber of Commerce when I first moved to Leander.  I had no idea how many contacts I would make and how helpful the Chamber is to local businesses.  Not only did my business benefit from the exposure but I am able to rely on businesses within the chamber for most of my own business needs.  I like being able to “shop and buy” local.  I trust the businesses that are listed in the Chamber and love being able to refer my own clients to many of those businesses.  The Chamber provides a real sense of community but still retains that small town appeal that drew most of us to this area.  The Chamber provides lots of opportunities for networking, education and socializing.  Most of these are free, including seminars, ribbon cuttings, welcome bags, etc.  One of the most pleasurable and useful activities I have participated in through the Leander Chamber of Commerce is their microgroups.  I actually would have been happy in any of the groups that were offered but I ended up in the entrepreneurial microgroup.  At the very first meeting I learned from my fellow members about what or who they were using for organizational skills/help and immediately started applying what they told me to my own long overdue projects.  I also met my current financial planner and health coach in that same group and am quite happy with both.  In subsequent meetings we have had discussions and speakers on a variety of topics and all of the discussions aren’t just helpful for your business, but also for your health, personal life, etc.  Everything is very connected and it became apparent that it is hard to be successful in one aspect of your life if you are overly stressed in another aspect.
Ironically, little did I realize that the entrepreneur microgroup would be so helpful to me that I would be retiring and launching my own replacement.  An ex-employee wants to lease my facility and start her own business.  As of January 1, I will be officially retired from the dog boarding business.  However, I have learned so much from the Leander Chamber of Commerce that I am actually going to retain my membership.  Being a member of the Chamber means I’ll always know what’s going on in the City of Leander, I can keep up with new (and old) businesses, and hopefully I can encourage new businesses to join the Chamber. Leander is a great place to live and the Leander Chamber of Commerce is one of the reasons why.”
Helen Dorrance
Gold Ducat Farmette