Whether you’ve already started running a business from your home or you’re thinking about your next move, you’ll need to make sure the location is right. The space requirements can vary from one business to another, so it’s vital to know what you’re getting into. Your business of choice could even be the deciding factor between staying put and moving to another house.

When to Redesign

You can redesign an existing room in your home if your business doesn’t need a lot of space. Some of the businesses that can fit into a room include running an e-commerce business, freelancing, and graphic design. If you’re meeting with clients, make sure to factor that into the layout you’ll need when designing your home office.

For homes that don’t have an available room or the inside space is limited, how about a garage conversion? According to the Decoist, converting your garage into a usable home business space can include updating the flooring and adding insulation. If you’re going to have meetings with clients or your business involves having scheduled classes, then switching out the garage doors for a decent entrance is recommended. Keep in mind that the average cost of a garage remodel is $6,500.

When to Build

Your home-based business may need its own building if there’s no space on the inside. This can be great for small exercise classes, a yoga studio or training sessions. If you decide to go this route, make sure to get the right building permits before you start. While this is something you can deal with yourself, the contractor you’re working with would also be in charge of making sure everything is in place. In most cases, people choose to build their outside home office from scratch, but according to Sheds Unlimited, prefabricated construction materials are becoming more popular. This route makes it easier to get the home business space you need in a much shorter time.

When to Move

If your current home can neither accommodate your home business on the inside or out, then it could be time to move. Most home-based businesses usually call for a manageable amount of space, but there are a few that need quite a bit of room. If you’re interested in becoming a daycare owner or personal chef, for example, then you’ll need a home that can be modified for that.

Additionally, institutions like daycare centers require a certain amount of space per child as well as adherence to safety guidelines. According to The Balance, a home-based food business is also subject to state or federal laws depending on what you’re cooking. For this type of business, you’ll need to make sure you have a large enough kitchen to get the job done, as well as making sure you can maintain the safety of your food.

Do Your Research

Whether you decide to stay in your current area or make the move, you should know about the relevant legal regulations that could affect your business. These rules may be applied at the local, state or national levels. Where zoning laws are concerned, there can be issues if your business interferes with parking or signage restrictions. If you have employees or use contractors, then there are rules for this as well.

If you’ve decided to move, then be sure to check that your neighborhood of choice is going to give you enough space for your home office and storage. You can check what’s in your budget by finding out what home prices are in the desired area. For example, Leander homes have sold for $270,000 on average this last month.

A home-based business can be a great way to follow your passions while still maintaining some level of work-life balance. To make sure your business is running at its optimum and that you’re in compliance with the relevant laws, it’s best to have the right amount of space.

Article by Tina Martin