October 15, 2018

How to Calculate the Cost of Employee Turnover


We all know that no matter the industry, your employees are your company’s most valuable resource. Since we know this, we realize that high employee turnover is a really bad thing.

Yes, some level of employee turnover is unavoidable. There are instances where employees are not the right fit, change careers, or retire. But even in those instances, attrition is costing you.

While all companies know employee turnover problem, most do not truly realize what it is costing them. Do you?

The fact is, any level of employee turnover comes with a price.

Unless you have already invested the time and energy into calculating the cost of your employee turnover, chances are you are underestimating the figure you are putting on it.

To […]

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COOL Week for Teachers: Summer Learning for Classroom Enhancement


Teachers from all six Leander ISD high schools participated in COOL Week for Teachers, embarking on professional externships to broaden their knowledge of modern industries and how it pertains to their classrooms. Through a grant from the Texas Rural Capital Area Workforce Development Board and in partnership with the Leander Chamber of Commerce, teachers spent several days learning about a local business, including their processes, workflows, hiring practices and more.

“These educators will bring back invaluable knowledge of today’s work environments to their classrooms, increasing connectivity and relevancy in our curriculum,” said Superintendent Dan Troxell, Ph.D. “It’s just another way that our exceptional teachers are working on their craft during the summer for the benefit of students.”

Businesses that hosted LISD teachers included […]

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Starting A Home-Based Business: Tips For Making It A Success


Starting your own home-based business has never been more attainable; as more people than ever are starting to realize how much sense it makes to work for themselves, small startups are growing by leaps and bounds. Not only do you get to call the shots, you’ll be able to set your own hours and create a thriving business from the comfort of your own home.

However, just because home-based businesses make sense for many people, it doesn’t make them easy to build. Working for yourself may be the ultimate goal, but it takes a lot of drive, passion, and self-discipline to create a successful business. Not only that, it can become difficult to find joy in your hobbies once […]

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