May 31, 2018

Independent Contractor VS Employee: What’s Best for Your Business?


Article by John Pearce and Laura Fowler

As your business grows, you will invariably reach a point where you simply cannot manage all aspects of the business without help. But many small business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to find quality employees to fill needed positions. The U.S. Small Business Administration claims that, “more than 50 percent of small businesses said it was very or somewhat difficult to fill open positions.” This has led many business owners to consider hiring contract labor.

Perhaps the single most important thing for business owners to learn about employment law is how to properly characterize employees and contract workers. Truly frightening consequences befall on employers who do not familiarize themselves […]

Independent Contractor VS Employee: What’s Best for Your Business?2018-05-31T10:50:03-05:00

Small Business Financing in Texas Guide


Business in Texas is booming. While many states have seen a decline in population and business, Texas has seen only growth.

In fact, what sets the state apart from other regions is its potential for business growth and its relative financial support system. Texas is definitely open for business.

Both at the federal and state levels, there are a […]

Small Business Financing in Texas Guide2018-04-18T15:39:05-05:00
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