We are excited to announce and share our 2018 Program of Work and the comprehensive goals tied to it.

2018 Program of Work


The Leander Chamber of Commerce will excel as the premier business leadership organization and catalyst for change, growth and prosperity in Leander.


The Leander Chamber of Commerce is a visible, proactive advocate and resource for its member employers and the Leander region. It is committed to advancing our region’s economic vitality and quality of life through the provision of strong leadership and through the formation of dynamic organizational and community partnerships.

Our Unofficial Motto

“The chamber cannot guarantee your success or your profitability, but we can guarantee the right business climate for you to succeed.”

Objectives of the Chamber

Promote Member Businesses

  1. Develop and maintain a strong web presence
  2. Offer ample networking opportunities
  3. Provide business education

Foster Economic Growth & Attract Tourism

  1. Continue formal and informal relationships with city officials and executives
  2. Expand and continue bringing opportunities to showcase the community of Leander
  3. Bring funds into the city via tourism and event activities
  4. Focus on business retention

Workforce Development

  1. Partner with and support Leander ISD
  2. Provide educational seminars

Cultivate Community Leaders

  1. Continue to lead Leadership Leander
  2. Ambassador Program
  3. Provide committee opportunities to members to get more involved

2018 Goals

Promote Member Businesses

  1. Add videos to website
    1. Member videos
    2. Leander promotional videos
  2. Continue and grow social media programs for our members
    1. Go Live sessions
  3. Develop Lessons in Business Program
  4. Offer business classes through Score partnership and other educators
  5. Visit member businesses through the Out of the Blue Committee
  6. Provide a comprehensive resource guide for members

Encourage Economic Growth & Attract Tourism

  1. Host and grow Old Town Street Festival and Old Town Christmas Festival  
  2. Host events that draw people to Leander to stay in our new hotel and to fill those rooms
  3. Work with developers to support TOD growth and development
  4. Conduct annual meeting with the City of Leander officials to promote and grow tourism efforts

Foster Membership Engagement

  1. The Chamber shall launch an initiative to be present in member businesses through 60 Out of the Blue Visits and 24 Go Live Sessions
  2. Add 10 new committee members to any committee in 2018
  3. Chamber enrichment committee to host brainstorming sessions with current members

Cultivate Community Leaders

  1. Host 10-12, 2018 Leadership Leander participants
  2. Add 10 new committee members to any committee in 2018

Drive Workforce Development

  1. Develop at least two opportunities to engage chamber members and educational institutions in efforts to fill gaps in current and future skills shortages and grow a quality workforce in our region

Ensure Financial Stewardship

  1. The Chamber shall undertake final due diligence on its ability to successfully support and operate an event center, incubator, or lease space
  2. The Chamber shall evaluate and recommend sound investment practices to ensure a strong financial future for the chamber
  3. The Chamber shall evaluate and hire an outside firm to conduct the 2018 Audit/Review