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Why Trains?
Leander was established in 1882 on land sold by the Austin and Northwestern Railroad Co. to prospective citizens. The town was named in honor of Leander “Catfish” Brown, one of the railroad officials responsible for the completion of the line. The railroad established Leander and today it is one of the only stops outside the city of Austin on the Capital Metro rail.  To commemorate and honor both our past and future, the Leander Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center is proud to introduce the Leander Trail of Trains.
What is the Trail of Trains?
The Trail of Trains is a project to bring artfully designed concrete trains to Leander, TX.
The 680 lb.+ concrete trains are $600 each, which includes delivery by Cashway Building Materials or the City of Leander.*
“The concrete trains are trademarked and will only be available through the Chamber.  They are a unique and beautiful way to celebrate the heritage of our community!” stated Bridget Brandt, Leander Chamber of Commerce President.
Our goal… to have a custom train at every corner in the community.
Own a Concrete Train
The concrete train project was created by the Leander Leadership Class of 2017 to bring Leander together as a community.
Anyone can buy a concrete train, regardless of whether you’re a Chamber member or not… a business or individual…. or local or a few miles away…
Each large train costs $600, which includes applicable taxes. The trains will be delivered on a concrete track which serves as the pad.  All trains must include an art plan prior to delivery.
If you live/work in the Leander area, you will be contacted to coordinate delivery.  If you live/work outside the Leander area, then you will have to arrange a way to transport your train to your home or business.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 512-259-1907. Order forms are now available at the Chamber office located at 100 N. Brushy.