Leadership Leander Program

The 2017 Class has been selected.  Applications for the 2018 class will be available in Jan.


Leadership Leander is a nine month education and development "series" packed with the very best course curriculum.  The series features the best local and outside leaders/speakers, and the best eyewitness, hands-on tours and field trips of community facilities, services and venues.  The basis of the series is observation and interactive participation on a once a month basis, with limited homework and with a minimum of interim assignments.

The series is structured so that the participants of Leadership Leander can access information and learn to be better leaders in a format that encourages lifelong business relationships. 

 We need:

  • Leaders who are knowledgeable about economic trends, local needs and resources, and alternative development strategies.
  • Leaders who can translate this knowledge into new strategies to stimulate the economy.
  • Leaders who can mobilize people and resources to improve the community's future.
  • Leaders who can assist their communities in discovering a vision of their future

Benefits & payoffs to the individual:

   *      Leadership skills

   *      Enhanced Confidence

   *      Group Experiences

   *      New Friendships

   *      Local Networking

   *      Community Awareness

Benefits & payoff to the employer:

   *      Well-trained employee with leadership skills

   *      Motivated employee with confidence

   *      Employee aware of state and local facilities and resources

Benefits & payoff to the community:

   *      New emerging leaders

   *      Leaders with tools to take leadership positions in business

   *      New leaders who volunteer and serve in the community


Leadership Leander is held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from Feb. through Sept.  A Welcome Happy Hour will be held in Feb. and graduation is held on Sept. 30th at Leander's Best Party Ever VIP Reception.  Your fee includes all classes, meals, and a ticket to Leander's Best Party Ever.

Application requirements include:

  • 21 years of age or older

  • Live or work in the Leander area for at least one year prior to application.

  • Not a candidate for public office at time of application.

For information, contact the chamber office at 512-259-1907 or office@leandercc.org.

Leadership Leander Alumni.